How To Get On The First Page Of Google

Darin Nix | 04/01/15

Duplicate copy is also considered a bad thing when it comes to getting on the first page of results.

Ann Rivard | 04/01/15

Having enough content on your home page to interest customers in your products is very important. Developing new website content can be difficult if you are not a writer.

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Francesca Harwood | 03/30/15

Optimizing your web pages with your best keywords is a good idea.

Ann Zahar | 03/30/15

Duplicate copy will decrease the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts.

Jeff Pajor | 03/29/15

If you don't check out the competition and see where they're ranking, you won't know what to do to beat them.

Cynthia Smith | 03/29/15

Creating strong relationships with your can only help your internet marking efforts.

Catherine Macdonald | 03/27/15

Your keyword phrases should reflect your subject or your product or both.

Carolyn Belknap | 03/27/15

If you need inspiration to write copy for your website, check the sites of your competitors.

Elizabeth Taylor | 03/27/15

In order to get your website a higher ranking in Google or Yahoo, you need to choose the right keyword phrases and geo targeting. If your website has old content and you never write new info, your rankings may suffer.

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Afton Usry | 03/25/15

Answering questions from potential customers in a timely fashion will help you get and keep more customers.

Gwen Burris | 03/25/15

You can use social media to help get your site noticed by customers and search engine spiders.

Greg Dopirak | 03/24/15

If you want to be on the top for really competitive keyword phrases, you'll need to first rank for long tail keywords.

Donna Quackenbush | 03/22/15

If you answer questions on message boards you can tell people about your website.

Christine Munon | 03/20/15

If you are a local business, be sure to optimize your website for local search engine coverage.

Carol Baker | 03/18/15

If your website is optimized correctly, it will have a lot of backlinks.

Jenny Gibson | 03/16/15

An essential part of your marketing efforts should include lots of content on page one of your website.

April Lewis | 03/15/15

If your customers can't find you, they can't buy from you.

Annette Gremmels | 03/15/15

If you are trying to increase your profits, try seo advertising online.

Erica Harmon | 03/14/15

If you familiarize yourself with marketing tips by people who do it all the time, you will realize that we are the best at what we do. If your marketing is in a rut, we can help you break that trend.

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Gregg Rochester | 03/13/15

Keywords are not just one word, but a phrase.

Earl Johnson | 03/11/15

If you don't know who your target market is, you need to do some research.

Craig Harrison | 03/09/15

Having a beautiful website does not mean anyone will ever see it.

Gina Willers | 03/07/15

People who use your products on a regular basis will probably tell others about them. If you want to get the best results for your marketing dollars, check out our seo plan.

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Adriane Morabito | 03/05/15

There are many things you can do to help your online marketing efforts.

Gary Greener | 03/05/15

If you are dedicating time to internet marketing when you know nothing about it is not a smart use of your time.

Beth Pickar | 03/05/15

If your marketing company is only concentrating on getting traffic and not doing anything about links, you need to reconsider using them.

Diane Schoregge | 03/05/15

Once your website is considered an authority by the search engines, you will get higher rankings.

Dimitrios Kakakios | 03/04/15

If you are not an expert, it is not the best idea to do your own optimization.

Christopher Riechers | 03/02/15

You may be surprised how much local business you can get when you include targeted keywords in your marketing list.

Elizabeth Reeths | 02/28/15

When it comes to top search engine optimization, we are the best.

Elizabeth Stone | 02/28/15

You would say that our seo services are more than fairly priced.

Deborah Burt | 02/26/15

Even though you may not realize it, your website is probably not a one of a kind.

Carolyn Boyer | 02/26/15

Affordable services are what our seo company is known for.

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